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Services Sucks

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Dear Swisscom, my iPhone 6 is not working, i was at Apple shop at Zurich, they diagnosed as this device is damaged and they advice me to go to Swisscom shop because this iPhone was bought at Swisscom so better for warranty matters, after i went to Zurich main station Swisscom Shop, the guy was at Swisscom Shop service desk told me that my device is working and apple guys are stupid they just want to sell new iPhone and so on., hmm then i went out and try to call but still my iPhone was not working, so i went back to Swisscom shop at Zurich Main station. after they behave some kind of strange behaviour! i was really piseed off and understood that your services really  sucks!
i still have damage iPhone6 i have no mobile to telephone!
Thank you for your sucking services!
Your Suresh




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Sorry this a forum for SC-user helps SC-user not SC-contact forum, please contact Swisscom directly 0800 800 800 an ask for the Supply Change Management (complaints department) and tell them your story.

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Dear sureshone


We have responded to your other messages on our social media channels. Your concern is already in progress. 


Kind regards



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