How to activate Callfilter and call barring

How to activate Callfilter and call barring

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No more annoying calls from suspicious call centres or high bills for calls to premium rate lines: In this article, you will learn more about Swisscom’s free Callfilter; how to set it up on your mobile and fixed-line telephone, how to create your own blacklist, and how to protect yourself from unwanted costs from value-added services and 0900 numbers.


Since its nationwide introduction four years ago, Swisscom’s Callfilter, a spam filter for fixed-line and mobile telephones, has blocked more than 165 million calls in Switzerland. Today, the free filter blocks around 200,000 unwanted calls a day, so there’s no need for you to check your telephone display before accepting a call.


About the free Callfilter

Callfilter works similarly to an e-mail spam filter: software in the background checks the incoming call number before the call is passed through to you. If a call comes from a call centre, the system decides whether it is legitimate or suspicious: is it a research institute or a telemarketing company? The Callfilter bases this decision on a list of blocked numbers, which is constantly being added to, revised and further developed to identify new types of unsolicited and unwanted calls. This list includes the phone numbers of call centres that use spurious sales pitches, call at inconvenient times (early morning, late evening or at weekends/public holidays) or do not comply with the code of ethics (by disregarding the asterisk sign in the telephone book for example). If Callfilter blocks the incoming number, the call is not even displayed to you and the caller hears a recorded message: “the subscriber does not wish to be disturbed”.


Activating Callfilter

To activate Callfilter on your mobile, go to Swisscom Cockpit and click ‘Call settings’. Callfilter can be activated and deactivated here and you can also view the last 20 blocked calls. This is only possible with a Mobile subscription from Swisscom.

In My Swisscom, you can activate or deactivate Callfilter for your fixed access line with one click. To do this, select the ‘Activate’ or ‘Adjust/Disable’ button in the ‘Callfilter’ tile. You can choose whether you only want to block advertising calls or whether to also block all anonymous calls and calls from unknown numbers.


Blocking and enabling individual numbers

In My Swisscom, you can create your own blacklist and record up to 200 phone numbers. The list of blocked numbers can be modified at any time. If you would like to block all calls from a particular canton or country, please enter the dialling code in question followed by an asterisk (for example, England with international prefix +44 12*). You can also report unsolicited advertising calls directly on your fixed-line telephone or block private numbers. To add the last caller’s phone number to your individual blacklist, enter the key combination *00# immediately after the call. If you have a Swisscom HD phone, you can also block calls using the crown button (video instructions in German).



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