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Internet down? Get your home network back online with your smartphone

Internet down? Get your home network back online with your smartphone


Has your home Internet access been cut off due to local network maintenance works? You can still access your home network using your smartphone. On this page, we explain how to use your smartphone to get back online.


The solution you can use to reconnect to the Internet despite local access not being available is called "Internet Mobile Connect".


What is its advantage over a hotspot?

When you use the mobile Internet connection of your mobile, devices that are connected to your Internet-Box can remain online. Only Swisscom TV is not supported. You can however use the TV Air app to tide you over.


Please note: Internet Mobile Connect does use your smartphone Internet allowance and will incur costs if you do not have unlimited data.


Activate Internet Mobile Connect

All you need to be able to use Internet Mobile Connect is your smartphone, the battery charger and the Home app or Web portal.


Home app

  1. If you have not yet installed the Home app, download it here.
  2. Go to the Help section of the Home app.
  3. Activate Internet Mobile Connect.
  4. Follow the instructions on the app.

On the Web portal

    1. Log into the Web portal (http://internetbox.home). Please note that you can only access the Web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.
    2. Go to Applications.
    3. Click Internet Mobile Connect.
    4. Select the Internet Mobile Connect checkbox and follow the instructions in the Web portal.



To be able to use the substitute connection, you will need the following:

  • A Swisscom Internet subscription
  • An Internet-Box (excluding Internet-Box light)
  • Mobile phone coverage at the router location


The following services are not available with the substitute connection:

  • Live TV over the TV-Box / Swisscom Box
  • Speed Test on the Internet-Box / Home app
  • The Internet-Box VPN


Do you have any questions or need help with setup? The Swisscom Community will be happy to assist; simply leave a comment below.


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