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series link

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It seems i cannot series link some programmes.

It always worked before. I am now using some HD channels. Is this the problem?


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What do you mean with serie link?
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you always have the option if you press info to "record series".

Or a quick shortcut if you were watching the actual programme was hit record twice

I cant do this now

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Restart your box ( power off and on again with the switch behind )
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i tried that and it did not work


not sure if it is related but we used to be able to record 2 programs and watch a third channel. Now it has gone back to the old system of not allowing the 3rd channel.

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Dear series link


To record a serie of episodes, please press the record-button twice. If this doesn't work on your TV box, please turn it off and disconnect it from the power source. Restart your router and connect your TV Box with the power source. Should the double-press not work after the restart, please send us your phone number by private message.


Kind regards


Liebe Grüsse

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Hi Katrin


Turning off the box did work for the series link function.


But i still can only record and watch 2 channels, it used to be 3. Has that option changed recently?


And can you help with my poor signal strength in my other rooms in my apartment?.





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