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Looking for a fiber compatible modem

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Hi there,
Let me just say I'm not really used to net things.
So, next month I'm upgrading to Vivo M, so my parents (that understand less than me) gave me as a gift the Asus rt-ac68u. I'm really happy of it, but now I'm clearly looking for a good modem to use with (my idea: fiber-> modem -not modem/router- -> router -ac68u-). I looked on the most used e-shops (digitec, steg , as well as some really big ones like amazon) but they seem to be totally unknown in the European market...
So I started looking on the US market since next week I'm going to new York for work. I was really happy to see a lot of great deals, then I discovered the "compatibility" problem with Swisscom.
Here we are at the main theme of my thread: where can I find a list of the fiber (as long as I have fiber at home) compatible modems for Swisscom? I saw things like the netgear cm400 or the zoom 5341j, but I want to be sure before buying them since I (obviously) can't return them.

Thank you so much for your patience, hoping on an answer.
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Dear TeKG


You can contact our My Service specialists. My Service is a personal support offering from Swisscom. Our experts assist you with all technical issues: immediately on the phone, directly in the Swisscom Shop or conveniently at your home or office. Under the following link you will find all information:


Kind regards



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