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blue TV App: New on LG Smart TV and Quickline TV box

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The blue TV App will be available on additional devices from 31 March 2021:


LG Smart TV


LG is the second manufacturer after Samsung to enable the blue TV experience without an additional TV box. The blue TV app is available on LG Smart TVs from 2018 onwards.


How to find out the age of your Smart TV:

You can determine the year of manufacture of your Smart TV from the model number. You can find the number on the back of the Smart TV or you can call it up in the LG TV menu. To do this, go to "Settings" in the "Menu" and then select "Diagnostics".


With LG models, the character in 4th place indicates the year of manufacture.


Example model number (LED): 65SK9500PUA

K = 2018, M = 2019, N = 2020, P = 2021


Example model number (OLED): 65C8PUA

8 = 2018, 9 = 2019, X = 2020, 1 = 2021



Quickline TV box


The latest films, series and sports highlights from blue+ are now also available on the Quickline TV box. You can find the blue TV app in the "Apps" section of your Quickline TV box. To take advantage of the offer, register directly in the blue TV app and subscribe to the desired blue+ package.



Swisscom is constantly reviewing other providers and platforms for the launch of the blue TV app. We will of course keep you up to date here in the community.


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