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TV Update May 2021: new recording storage, radio and channel list features

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Hello Community


An update will be gradually rolled out on Swisscom blue TV in the weeks to come.

  • Swisscom Box:                  6.144.x
  • Swisscom Box 21:            8.144.x
  • TV-Box (UHD):                  3.144.x
  • TV app:                                2021.15.x

This will result in the following changes:


Recording storage

From 25 May, 2021, TV recordings will be stored for 2 years. After that date, TV recordings over 2 years old will be automatically moved to the recycle bin. But don’t worry: you will have 30 days in which to store these recordings permanently before they are deleted. Even better, why not regularly archive your important recordings? That way, they will never be lost. > Go to instructions


Swisscom has made this change because we want to make the storage of recordings easier to understand. We also want to help customers to remove recordings that are no longer needed. In fact, analyses show that 84% of personal recordings over 2 years old are no longer watched. This is why the storage period for TV recordings has been set at 2 years.


Your storage capacity depends on your blue TV subscription. If you need more storage space, you can now add 500 extra hours recording space for 5.–/mth. The option can be subscribed directly on the TV box under "Home> Settings> Account> Channels & subscriptions" or in My Swisscom.


Any questions? More information is available on the recording storage help page.



Radio on standby

If you have a Swisscom Box (IP2000), you can now listen to the radio through blue TV without switching on your TV. It's all thanks to the integrated speaker and the new TV update. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Video and audio’ > ‘Radio on standby’ and select whether to play the sound back through your TV set or TV-Box. Then, all you have to do is press the radio button on your blue TV control and the most recent radio station will play.



Personal channel list on the blue TV app

A long-standing feature of the TV-Box is now also available on smart TVs with the blue TV app: you can create your own personal channel list as well as use the list that you already have for your TV-Box at home. Create up to 6 separate TV channel lists in My Swisscom and change them to suit your individual needs.


Do you have any questions or suggestions? We look forward, as always, to a lively discussion.

liebe Grüsse, bien cordialement, cari saluti, best regards
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