Life hacks for the Swisscom TV remote control

Life hacks for the Swisscom TV remote control

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We asked community users for their life hacks for the Swisscom TV remote control. Get more out of Swisscom TV 2.0 with this collection of tips and shortcuts. And speed things up.


Access your recordings with one click

The fastest way to access your recordings is by holding down the red record button.


Go to most recently viewed content

Briefly pressing the Recent button takes you to the most recently viewed content. If you hold down the Recent button, you will be shown the last five items viewed. The Recent button has two different-sized light and dark-coloured rectangles on it. It is located between the volume and channel buttons.


Quick access to Live TV

Wherever you are in the menu, go straight to Live TV by holding down the Back button.


Get the remote control working properly

If the remote control is unresponsive or responds slowly, hold 1+3 down at the same time. This disconnects the remote control from the TV box. Then hold down the WPS button on the box for 5 seconds. This re-establishes the connection.


Netflix is a channel too

The Netflix app is number 999 in the list of channels. When you select this channel, the app starts automatically, without having to go through the menu. You can also choose your preferred channel number for Netflix in the list of channels. At present, Netflix is only available through Swisscom TV on the UHD box.


Go back or forward more quickly from the TV guide

The Skip button only allows you to skip back 30 seconds or forward 10 seconds. However, from the TV guide, you can use the button to go back or forward by up to two hours. The same applies to the rewind and fast-forward buttons (<< >>). You can use this button in the TV guide to skip back or forward by an entire day. The Channel button that is usually used to change channels allows you to go up or down a page in the TV guide. This means that you don’t have to scroll individually through each channel.


A controlled way to skip ads

You can also use the Skip button in a controlled way to fast-forward several minutes, rather than just skipping 30 seconds. Simply hold down the button and skip 10 minutes of ads.


Use Preview to surf the channels

You can scroll through the other channels without having to leave the programme that you’re watching. The round, black navigation button is normally used to move around the menu. Press it up or down twice and a small video image displaying the other channels appears on the left.


A description of all the buttons and functions can be found here.

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