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Life hacks for the Swisscom blue TV remote control

Life hacks for the Swisscom blue TV remote control



Your blue TV remote control can do more than just change the channel and adjust the volume. Make the most of your blue TV by following these top tips!


Access your recordings with one click

The fastest way to access your recordings is by holding down the red record button.


Quick access to Live TV

Wherever you are in the menu, go straight to Live TV by holding down the Back button.


Play without reading the description

With the Play button, you can replay a broadcast or play a recording directly without opening the programme description.


Continue watching

Ever wondered what the button with a small black rectangle in the larger clear rectangle does? Known as the Recent button, it goes back to the programme you were last watching. If you press and hold down, you can select and continue watching from a list of most recently watched content. The Recent button is located below the Voice Search or Mute button.


Find a film quickly

Do you want to watch a good film? Go to the main menu (“home” button) and select “Video”. You will find various films to rent and buy divided into different categories here.


Launch blue TV on the correct channel

With HDMI-CEC, you never need to toggle to the right HDMI channel ever again. > More information

Or do you have a Swisscom Box or Swisscom Box 21? On the remote control, you’ll find a button for switching to the correct HDMI channel. It is near the top, next to the mute button and looks like a square with an arrow inside.

Before you can use it, you first have to pair the blue remote control and the TV: To do this, go to the main menu (Home button) > cogwheel in the top-left menu > General Settings > Pair remote control.


Netflix is a channel too

The Netflix app is number 9999 in the list of channels. When you select this channel, the app starts automatically, without having to go through the menu. You can also choose your preferred channel number for Netflix in the list of channels. At present, Netflix is only available through blue TV on the UHD box.


A controlled way to skip ads

You can also use the Skip button in a controlled way to fast-forward several minutes, rather than just skipping 30 seconds. Simply hold down the button and skip 10 minutes of ads.


Go back or forward more quickly from the TV guide

The Skip button only allows you to skip back 30 seconds or forward 10 seconds. However, from the TV guide, you can use the button to go back or forward by up to two hours. The same applies to the rewind and fast-forward buttons (<< >>). You can use this button in the TV guide to skip back or forward by an entire day. The Channel button that is usually used to change channels allows you to go up or down a page in the TV guide. This means that you don’t have to scroll individually through each channel.


Uninstall apps

The easiest way to uninstall an app on blue TV is to go to the app icon and hold down the OK button.


Record entire season

Interested in watching the whole series of a show that is currently playing on live TV? Simply double-click the Record button to record the entire season. When you are watching a series, did you know that you can use the Option button at the end of the current episode to start watching the next episode right away?


Use Preview to surf the channels

You can scroll through the other channels without having to leave the programme that you’re watching. The round, black navigation button is normally used to move around the menu. Press it up or down twice and a small video image displaying the other channels appears on the left.


Multi-language recommendations and search results

If you’d like to get recommendations and search results in different languages, you can change the programme language in settings. Go via the main menu (“home” button) to settings (cog) and change the programme language under “Display” > “Language”. If you select German as the main language and French as an additional language, for instance, German and French recommendations and search results will be displayed for you on the TV.


A description of all the buttons and functions can be found on this page.



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