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Use IB3 as router only

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Hi all,


I have spent quite a $$$ fortune on IB3 and WLAN boxes, not to mention the time invested in the overall home network setup, and now switching to a new provider, I would like to keep using them, instead of the provided modem/router.


My idea would be to use the new provided device as modem-only, and use its DMZ capabilities to then pass 1:1 the network to the IB3, which would manage, everything from DHCP, VPN, network setup, wifi extension points etc.


Now, this may lead to many unforeseen issues, but one is immediately clear: can I setup the IB3 to take the internet signal from a WAN ethernet port rather than from the fibre optic SFP and subsequently set it up as router only?


I have seen similar posts but not one (I guess) that answer this question. If that was already asked, appreciate if someone can point me to that post.

Saluti e grazie
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Black Mamba
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thanks for the contribution


to read this recent discussion on the Community in German "

Internet Box 3 - Bridge Mode | Swisscom Community

" ... Bridge mode only causes problems. Swisscom is absolutely compliant with the law, as it does not stipulate that the network operator must offer a mode / router, only that other devices also work. So, to use another router, buy a corresponding device from the retail store. It does not bring any benefit, but it is a choice. ... "

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