How to access public WLAN from Swisscom

How to access public WLAN from Swisscom

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PWLAN-Swisscom.jpgLooking for WLAN on the move? As a Swisscom customer, you can connect to the Internet free via a Swisscom public hotspot at more than 5,000 locations in Switzerland. Read on to find out more about easy access.


If there is a Public Wireless LAN (PWLAN) hotspot near you, this will be listed as “Swisscom” when you click the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right taskbar of your Windows laptop or the top right corner of your MacBook. If you have a Swisscom subscription, such as inOne, Vivo, NATEL® infinity or My SME Office, Swisscom PWLAN is free to use. All you need to log in is your Swisscom Login or your mobile number (NATEL® login).

You can also access the PWLAN with your smartphone – especially useful if your mobile subscription does not include unlimited surfing. Public hotspots can also be accessed with a tablet. Your device only requires WLAN connectivity so it works without a SIM. To connect to the PWLAN, click the Wi-Fi symbol on your device and select “Swisscom”.


Log in and get started

Once your device is connected to the “Swisscom” WLAN, launch your Internet browser (e.g. Safari) and open any website. The Swisscom PWLAN homepage will appear automatically. Click “Swisscom Login” to log in with your user name or mobile number.


Log in again

You can disconnect via the Wi-Fi icon when you are done. The next time you are near a PWLAN, you will need to log in again using your Swisscom Login.


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