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One login for all your Swisscom services

One login for all your Swisscom services


The Swisscom Login is your key to the Swisscom online world. Discover where exactly the Swisscom Login is required.


Swisscom customers have one central Swisscom Login. You use this login to access your details, e-mails and all other Swisscom services, including blue TV or myCloud, for example. If you still need a Swisscom Login or have forgotten your user name or password, please visit the Help section for all the information you need.


Access e-mail

You also use your Swisscom Login to access e-mail in Bluewin Webmail. Please note, however, that if you want to send/receive your e-mails using an e-mail program (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail) or an app on your smartphone/tablet, you will use a separate e-mail password. In other words, your e-mail password is not the same as your Webmail or Swisscom Login password.


Back up photos to myCloud

myCloud is the safest place to store your photos, videos and data. With the Swisscom Login, you can access all your precious memories and once more savour your holiday memories, for example.


Take part in the Community

The Swisscom Community offers customers and Swisscom experts a platform to interact and support one another. You can also read posts without a Login. If, however, you wish to actively contribute, simply log in with your Swisscom Login.


Access data and bills

In My Swisscom, you can view your Swisscom bills, manage products, amend data or subscriptions and make many other settings online. You can access it via your Internet browser or the downloadable app.


Watch TV any time, anywhere

Swisscom blue TV offers a whole new TV experience. Enjoy the biggest highlights from the world of live sport, comedy, action, Sci-Fi, fantasy and more. You can watch blue TV free of charge or on subscription. All you need in either case is your Swisscom Login.


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