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sync problem - photos not deleted in myCloud after they're deleted on smartphone

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There seems to be a sync problem for photos between the smartphone and myCloud. All my photos are uploaded from the smartphone to myCloud.  But when I delete a photo on my smartphone it is not deleted in myCloud.  Is this normnal?  Can this be changed with special settings on my smartphone?

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There are no restrictions. Does the sync problem persist?


@SilvanG9 Do you have any suggestions?


Kind Regards


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Yes, this is expected behaviour. myCloud works as a backup of your phone. This also alows you to delete pictures from your phone to free up storage. This is why we cannot delete pictures from myCloud when you delete them on the phone.

The same occurs when you delete pictures in myCloud it will not delete them on your phone. We are working to enable this option in the future, thus allowing you to delete a foto in myCloud and optionaly remove it from your phone too.


Hope this helps.


Novice PKP
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Hello Silvan, thank you for the comprehensive reply. I appreciate that you're working on further improvements of your service. Kind regards, Kevin

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