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Transferring photos and albums from phone to mycloud

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I have two questions on a similar subject.


1) I have just spoken with Swisscom helpdesk who told me it is not possible to transfer albums (which are created on my iphone) directly to mycloud. They said you can only transfer photos from the camera roll. Has anyone found a way to transfer albums from the phone directly to mycloud?


2) The camera roll on my phone is ordered by time however on the mycloud app (I think) it is ordered by date and name. So, if edit a photo on my phone and save it, a new copy will appear at the bottom of the camera roll on my phone, which makes it easy to find/select them. However, when I try to add these photos to an album on mycloud by opening the phone camera roll, the order is different (the edited photos appear next to the orginals, making it very difficult sometimes to determine which is the photo I edited and want to transfer). Is there anyway to change the way the photos are ordered when looking to add photos to an album on mycloud from the camera roll?


Many thanks 



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