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How to upload pictures from Folders to Albums directly ?

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I have a lot a classified pictures into named folders on my external drive. How to replicate that into MyCloud ?



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Hello PaoloTarenzi,


It’s easy to upload entire folders on my cloud via Web:


1. use the Google Chrome browser


2. choose a folder


3. drag it to the homescreen


4. choose whether you want to save the folder as a files or as a photo


5. The content of the folders are now uploaded. When you save as a Folder a Folder with pictures will be created. If you save it as an Album an Album will be created.


6. To see a folder as a photo album, create an album in Photos, drag the folder and then drag and drop it in the album.


That's it!


Kind regards,

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Hmm, it may by fine for one foder, but I have more than 650 folders on my drive to copy as albums on my cloud.


Do I need to move them one by one ?


What about the photo album name created on myclud ? automatically copied from the folder I'm copying/sending ? or I have to copy/paste more than 650 times...


Thank-you for you support.

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