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New youth and first-time user subscriptions – what you need to know

Community Manager
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Dear Community,


There are now some changes regarding the Swisscom's youth and entry-level mobile subscriptions. The following subscriptions are new:


For everyone under 30:

  • Swiss mobile light young
  • Swiss mobile flat young
  • inOne mobile basic young
  • inOne mobile go young

For residential and SME customers over 30 years:

  • Swiss mobile light plus
  • inOne mobile basic  

Find out which subscription you have now by logging into My Swisscom Customer Center.


Benefits of the changes

The new offers include more data volume or more surfing speed. Everyone under 30 can now benefit from the new youth offers. The youth subscriptions now end when you are 30 instead of 26. The new inOne mobile basic also includes 50% more data volume than previously (twice as much for under 30s); the new Swiss mobile light plus even includes three times as much.


What will actually change?




What do I need to know about the subscription change?

Do you have a Swiss mobile light or an XTRA subscription? If you would like to keep this for the time being, no problem. The subscription will only switch to the new version and the changes outlined above take effect when you extend the contract (for example when you buy a new mobile phone in a promotion or with instalment payments).

Would you like to change the subscription now? The easiest way to change your subscription is by sending an SMS to 444.


Are you between 26 and 30? We have some great news for you: if you have a current subscription (Swiss mobile light, Swiss mobile flat, inOne mobile basic or inOne mobile go), it will be converted to a youth subscription automatically and you will benefit from the additional service and price benefit. This applies to anyone born on or after 19.2.1991.


Do you currently have an inOne (SME) mobile basic subscription? Your subscription will be switched to the new offer automatically on 1 September 2020. Your inOne mobile basic will then have 1 GB more data volume. As a loyal customer, you still pay the old price for a year.


You can also find more information in the Swisscom press release.


What do you think of the new offers? Share your views in the Swisscom Community.

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