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eSim support for iPhone XS/Xr family

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Hi there! When Swisscom is planning to start supporting eSim feature on new iPhones?It was already promised and than moved for later a few times.iOS update is here and other cell networks providers already offering. Time's up!

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Dude, apple has to release ios 12.1.1 first


So you need to wait a few more days 😉

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No no-no 




Other provider you can already... But yeah seems begin December release will include more providers

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As you can see, it works already now with limitations. One is my privat subscription (nano sim) and the other one is a business subscription (e-sim, 2nd device, "Natel go"). I just have no SMS on the business now. 

But for call it works. The rest I can wait until I can have my main sim on the e-sim for the business one.

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Hey!Thanks for the comment.But how did you set it up?What ever i've tried it just doesn't work

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Hi do you now what to do whit physical E sim if you have a new iPhone? Can you scan again the we code ? Thankful !


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Hello @ecoup 


The eSIM is already placed into the iPhone. More information here.

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I now !! Just asking can I use the QR code on a new iPhone again or need a new one? 

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If you want to transfer your eSim to your new iPhone, you can scan the same QR code.


If you want to activate a second eSim profile on a second iPhone, you need a new QR code.

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