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eSIM for iPhone

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Hello everyone


The wait is over. We have now received Apple’s approval to use eSIM. This means that the latest iPhone generation is ready to manage two telephone numbers in parallel. An existing Swisscom telephone number can easily be switched from a conventional SIM card to an eSIM. The easiest way to switch is in the Customer Centre, but you can also initiate this in the Swisscom Shop or by calling the hotline. You can find out more in the help section.


Given that there has been some discussion about this topic in recent weeks, here is a bit of background information for you as well: Activating new functionalities, such as eSIM in this case, not only requires an appropriate software update. This was done with iOS version 12.1 in mid-October. Apple also insists on a specific review of individual providers before it will approve new functions. Now, despite its size, Apple does not have infinite resources. So, the testing for our eSIM solution was put back by Apple. Only now have we received approval, and we have immediately made eSIM available to order through our channels. As already mentioned, we are already supporting other devices with eSIM. So, technically we were ready back in September.


More about replacing the SIM card


Cheers Samuel

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Hi Samuel,


assuming one buys the new Pixel 4 in DE or IT, is it possible to use the Swisscom eSim in there together with a conventional SIM from another foreign operator?


Thanks a lot

Saluti e grazie
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Hi @alanzed 


The eSim is available only for the Google Pixel 3 at the moment:

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hey @LeylaG 


do you know if the eSIM is also available for the Pixel 4 in near future?

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Hello @Wemeure78 @alanzed


Good news, the eSIM is now available for the Pixel 4. The device list on our website will be updated.



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