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The rumour mill is in overdrive

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Dear all,


Autumn is iPhone time. For iPhone enthusiasts, this means that there’s not long to wait before the newest addition to the family.


Here’s a round-up of all the latest rumours that have been circulating about the new iPhone:

  • The new model for 2019 is expected to be called the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max und iPhone XR 2.
  • Once again, we expect to see three variants: a lower-cost model with a 6.1-inch display as a successor to the iPhone XR as well as two higher-spec models with a 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch display respectively.
  • The Apple Pencil is now also to be available for the iPhone
  • The successor to the iPhone XS will have up to 25% longer battery life.
  • The new iPhone looks set to feature a triple camera array arranged in a square module.
  • Other devices – Airpods for example – can be charged wirelessly with the new iPhone.

What do you think of these rumours? Have you heard any other rumours that you’d like to share? Or what features would you most like to see in the 2019 generation?


We look forward to your comments.


Best regards, MiriamF


PS. On 10 September, we’ll find out which of the rumours turn out to be true at Apple’s announcement keynote.

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iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the names of the latest members of the Apple family.


What do you think of the new products? We look forward to your comments in the Thead "Welcome to the family: Apple’s latest edition".

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