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Play cards online with Jass Fédéral

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In these times of corona, joining your friends at the table to play the popular Swiss card game of Jass is no easy task. So the Jass Fédéral facelift is perfectly timed. Swisscom’s Jass portal provides a great opportunity to socialise with others, albeit online.


The turbulent year of 2020 has demanded a great deal of patience and solidarity, as well as technologies and innovation. Swisscom is constantly working hard to connect Switzerland in new and interesting ways, not only through technology, but also, in this case, through the Swiss national card game Jass.


The latest news from Jass Fédéral

Swisscom’s free Jass site has been a popular haunt of Jass players since 1999. The platform has been continually upgraded since its launch and the latest updates mean that it is now ready for the future. The latest improvements to the Jass Fédéral site include a fresh new look and simplified login procedure as well as the option of playing live with fellow Jass players by video.


Video for a more realistic experience

The video-conferencing feature allows you to see and interact with your friends as you play. Note that this option is only available for private tables – and can also be deactivated should you prefer to play off camera.


Jass tips

If I am the ‘forehand’, should I choose a contract or ‘shove’? Visit Wikipedia for useful tips. Do you have any other tips for the perfect Jass evening? The Swisscom magazine will also tell you (in german) why online jasses is better than at the regulars' table. Whether online or at a regular gathering: we welcome any comments or lively discussions. 

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