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NAT type 3 on PS4/NAT type D on the Nintendo Switch via mobile hotspot, can I fix it?

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I currently have a mobile Swisscom subscription with unlimited Internet, everything works pretty well except that one issue I have when I try to play games online in both my Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


I typically get this error message


"Error Code: 2618-0516


Unable to connect to the other console(s).

NAT traversal process has failed.

Please try again later.


If the problem persists, your network conditions may not be suited to stable online play."

DWzllxxUQAA76Ls.jpgNintendo Switch


I heard there was a way to fix this when possessing a real router, however there's no way to change any internet settings with a mobile hotspot so my question here is.


is there any way to fix this?

Whether it's paying a little more, changing subscriptions or just talking about the issue with a Swisscom employe.


(I would like to add that I can understand both English and French pretty well so feel free to answer with whatever you're the most comfortable with, thank you in advance)

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Hello @Nicolate


I have found this thread on a French forum:


You can maybe find some solutions there.


Hope it helps!


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