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Bridge and DMZ

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So, this is probably one of the oldest questions around here: can I have bridge mode to get my fancy router instead of the Swisscom one ? And the answer is still no I guess right ? They probably still ask you to use the DMZ functionality. Can someone confirm ?


I don't understand why all ISPs concerned by this (not only Swisscom, most of them), are so stubborn with this. Here are some usecases that are probably fairly common (+ or - the server). I hear that anti-bufferbloat tech is getting pretty popular in the gaming world, and that it is actually useful VS old gaming routers that did nothing (except maybe remove 0.5ms from your ping if you were lucky).



The famous "Use the DMZ", with all its wonderful disadvantages. At least VoIP and IPTV keeps working out of the box... Also what happens to Swisscom Box managing QoS for the VoIP and the gaming router managing the QoS for some gaming packets ? Who wins ? Did they bring back some QoS/Bufferbloat menus for the new Internet Boxes that would cancel the need for "better" routers? At least now they are MU-MIMO...qos-gaming-router-swisscom-bridge.png

In this case, well Bridge mode is enabled and this is what most people would want to have to avoid double NAT or other weird stuff happening. And that is what most ISPs don't allow. But assuming that VoIP and IPTV stop working as default configuration, then you also are in trouble, because maybe the IPTV and VoIP doesn't work on your fancy router?  Can someone confirm or comment on my diagram ? So it would best be suited for people with just Internet (without VoIP) ? Anyway, no one allows for this, so ....


It seems in both cases you are screwed somehow. So I guess we are still at the same point as 5 years ago : if you only have Fiber internet, have fun with the SFP converter connected to your custom OS router, otherwise, keep using the Swisscom thing...

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Hi @kriegalex88,

Yes, I confirm. We are still ask you to use the DMZ functionality. The Internet-Boxes don't support bridge mode.

The main reason is that the router is no longer manageable from remote. This means important firmware updates with new features, bugfixes or security improvements can't be applied.

For gaming we recommend to use direct ethernet connection. However, we are currently evaluating to support QoS and might introduce something in the future.


Best regards,



Experience Developer Router @ Product & Marketing Department, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
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