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TV AIr Keeps Re- booting every 5 seconds in it's window (PC WIndows 10)

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I use TVAir Free on my portable Windows 10 computer.


TV AIr Keeps Re- booting every 5 seconds in it's window,

It responds to button clicks and opens TV channels

between re- booting.

It does not play the TV content.


This happens when I Login to AirTV using my SwissCom account.

I have tried closing and opening SwissCom, and re booting the computer.


Any help appreciated- Thanks.





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Please try it again but with another Browser-Software.


For example:

If you had this error with Google Chrome, then try Mozilla Firefox, if at Edge, try Chrome...

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If you are running any ad blocking software, make sure you whitelist the Swisscom TV guide page.

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In fact, it's in Firefox options

-> Privacy & Security

-> Browser Privacy.

It's the strict protection that's causing the problems


with blue TV Air the problem should not occur


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