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TV Box 2 no smooth playback

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I have literally just switched to Swisscom and setup my TV Box 2 yesterday. It’s plugged in to the Swisscom Internet Box 2 with a Ethernet cable. 
subscribed internet speed is shown as 1 Gbit/s. 
I am however getting flickering and distorted playback every few seconds. This makes watching no much fun at all. 
switching from UHD to SD the problem occurs less frequently but still occurs. 

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Hi @nickelnoff 


It could be that your Ubiquiti Device is causing this.

Is it possible that you switch this one off to test it out?


Best regards


Ich bin Swisscom Mitarbeiter und arbeite im 2nd Lvl Bereich für Internet, TV und VoIP
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Hello @FabioG 

not sure why there is any reason any device plugged in to the Internet Box would cause the TV box to perform badly. As mentioned the Tv Box is plugged in to the Internet Box directly.

There appear to be artifacts from the hardware not having enough resources to decide the signal properly as opposed to an actually network problem. Besides the TV Box has a Gbit/sec connection. 
are you saying that devices should be switched off and disconnected from the Internet Box when trying to watch TV?

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It's just to test if there are any issues regarding the Ubiquti.

The device communicates with the router, therefore it's possible that some settings have to be done.


It should be enough just to switch it off, and then try watching tv. If the artifacts are still there, we have to look somewhere elso for the root cause. 

Ich bin Swisscom Mitarbeiter und arbeite im 2nd Lvl Bereich für Internet, TV und VoIP
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Artifacts are present regardless of whether device is turned in or not. If I am not mistaken certain channels might be worse than others but hard to qualify.