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Swisscom TV 2.0 /Logitech Harmony/Neeo Remotes

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About 6 weeks ago my record button on my logitech Harmony stopped working so I could not record or go to Recorded programmes. Assuming the remote was broken I went and purchased a Neeo remote control. Interestingly this all works perfectly except the record function and the recorded programs folder. This all still works with the swisscom remote. What has swisscom changed? 

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Heh Hoh and Good luck to us

We have been having this problem for years now.  Called, Called,  Called them. Nothing changed.   Tonight, got fed up.  Sent them a nasty email about their hotel.  Who's is it ??  Ours ???  are we ruling their website?


This is the message I got after my complaint just earlier :


Oh well, doesn't work,  guess they don't want anyone to know their troubles.  Very disappointed in this hotel/site

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Hi Kindrid spirit



Oh my gosh, thought we were the only ones!  You are my kindrid spirit indeed.  I keep sending them fruitless messages.  They think I'm fabricating!!   Record button is useless now, especially to delete recordered programmmes.  And just touch it slightly, it to goes to "recordings" - It will immediately record whatever is in play at the moment.  They always answer complaints as though it's our fault.  Or do not even anwer at  all.

Wonderful new Optic Fiber. ?  Ummm--  Still waiting for the benefits of this.  Nothing has changed.  Internet still slow as usual, Ipad even slower than before - upheaveled our whole lounge to install it.  Spent 4+ hours doing it.  Moved our telephone point from a very convenient place in the hallway to a point behind the lounge door, right near the floor !!!  to where they also moved the router. Even went into my 3rd bedroom, through a cupboard to get to the lounge.  Now we  have to crouch down near the floor to just answer the phone.  Not once did they ask permission.  Left all their dirt drillings for me to clean up.   Sound is now very muted.  We sometimes don't hear the phone,   Did not ask us.  I was there throughout the whole rigmarole.  They never said a word!  Just did their own thing in my home. When they left, I was shocked as to how they had invaded our home, without even asking, and without us even requesting that service.  It was just foisted upon us.   Disgraceful . Upon contacting Swsscom,  their answer is . call us, we are there to help. Yeah, if you want to wait for 45-60 minutes for your call to be answered  - then all the PE required to switch the box on and off, and wait, then switch it back on again  been there, done that a 100 times aready.  Of course it will work for a bit, but after - back to square one.  Good luck to us.

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