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This Is the second time I've had this problem. First time I rented a Belgian film, watched it in French but part of the dialogues were in Arabic and there were no subtitles. 


I just rented  'Eyes on Juliet', after having first watched the trailer where the film is in English and the Arabic dialogue was subtitled. So I rented it and when I started watching all the Arabic dialogue was not subtitled and there was a lot in the first 20 mins.


How come the trailer is subtitled and the film isn't and shouldn't this be mentioned in the film info as I had to make a long call to finally get the film reimbursed (ungraciously) when it clearly was the trailer which was misleading. 



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Hello @Gillygirl


I am sorry that you had bad experiences with our VOD's subtitles and if the trailer was misleading. The information regarding the languages and subtitles is written on the top right of the screen when you select the movie. 


If you should get the same situation in the future, you can send your feedback to Teleclub directly, which manage our VOD offer.


I stay available and wish you a nice day.



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