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Our Netflix turned off tonight giving us the error we are using an unblocker or proxy and to turn it off. We do not use an unblocker or a proxy. We checked on other devices not on the Swisscom network and Netflix worked. I called Swisscom 4 times and the customer service rep hung up on me each time the last three without even answering the phone. Then we called thru a different carrier and was put on hold for 12 minutes until they closed. We contacted Netflix and they said it is from out internet provider and not thru them. Very angry and upset with Swisscom. Your customer service is hit or miss and our history shows mostly misses!! Wish we could use a different provider but there is no other provider in our area.  Very unhappy right now!!

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Hello @Shechi


I am sorry if you had a bad experience while calling our assistance. 


Are you now able to watch Netflix smoothly ?


Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!