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EOS4.1 update: Improved software for your Swisscom TV-Box

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Dear Community,


Swisscom TV is now even more user friendly! The new software will be rolled out gradually to all Swisscom TV customers over the coming weeks. You will find some new features on your UHD and Swisscom Box:


Recycle bin for deleted TV recordings

If you deleted your recording by mistake or it was removed because your storage space is full, don’t worry! Deleted recordings are now moved to a recycle bin, where they remain for 30 days and can be reinstated at any time before being permanently deleted.














New App Store design

We have tidied up and improved the organisation of the App Store. Swisscom TV apps are now grouped by theme, and the ‘My apps’ category has been replaced by ‘Recently used apps’. Now that there are fewer apps per section, you will also find the app of your choice more quickly.














A change of font for better readability

Based on the high volume of feedback received about the dark design that was launched with EOS4, Swisscom has made some improvements to the user interface and has changed the font. The text on the black background is now easier to read and it is easier for you to find your way around.


Watch series on Teleclub

Do you want to watch uninterrupted back-to-back episodes of your new favourite series? Well, now you can. For selected series bought through Teleclub, you can now skip the intro as well as the credits. In addition, the Teleclub series page has been redesigned. You now get a better overview, thanks to the individual cover image for each season.



EN_03.png EN_04.png



Premium quality and sub-titles for VOD

You can now rent or buy more and more films for a flat-rate price. The same price applies across all types and genres of film and the content is automatically broadcast in premium quality. In addition, the TV box overview now tells you whether subtitles are available. To enjoy this benefit, please ensure that the accessibility settings have been activated.














Improved response time and easier home screen customisation

We have changed and optimised download speeds across a wide range of Swisscom TV areas. This has significantly improved response times on the home screen and in the Teleclub and Sport sections. It is now also easier to customise your home screen using the Option button and display the app ribbons of your choice.














TV Air 4.1

We have also been working hard to make further improvements to TV Air. New features such as the recycle bin for deleted recordings and premium quality videos are also available for TV Air. What's more, you can now record your series on different media channels. This means that you can schedule a recording on your laptop, watch it back on your mobile and then manage it on your tablet. In addition, TV Air users on iOS can now use Chromecast to broadcast their content onto other screens, provided it is not encrypted.


What do you think about these new developments? Share your input and experience with us. This helps us make ongoing improvements to Swisscom TV.


Kind regards,


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