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BBC entertainment ist verschwunden, wieso?

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Ich habe es auch gesehen. 


I would like to ask WHY? I had recorded a number of episodes on BBC entertainment but apparently cannot play those anymore... what a waste! Please if anyone else has noticed, let's all ask why, then maybe someone at Swisscom might notice....!?

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es ist nicht nur BBC das verschwunden ist, sondern auch andere Sender wie z.B FOX. 


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If you talk to customer care, they will tell you that Swisscom did not renew the contract with BBC Entertainment, and decided not to inform their clientele proacitvely. Incredibly annoying!!

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Yeah, I'm very much aftraid that "EBK" is correct...but what a pity!!

Nevertheless, I do very much hope that one of Swisscome's "official" will give
us a valid reason here, why they did not renew the contract!!


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BBC Entertainment is no longer in the clear on the satellite. Before it was a free channel. (freely accepted by Swisscom)

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But as  far as I know,  this channel was actually never in clear view on the satellite; hence, I understand that Swisscom had to apply already

for a license "at the time". So the more I'm disappointed now that SC suddenly decided to stop its broadcast to their customers...unless the

renewal of this license was increased so drastically which I very much doubt (!?).

So if this is the case, then how about offering to those interested customers an additional add-on subscription for such "VIP" channels,

which would then include (at least) "BBC Entertainment" and..."FOX NEWS"??

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And this is now the reply I obtained today from the BBC,  after having written to them (!):


Dear Mr Borel

Thank you for your message to BBC Studios Channels.

We are sorry to send a disappointing reply but, as you mention, Swisscom have confirmed that they will no longer offer BBC Entertainment to their subscribers.  While we cannot discuss contractual matters, we can confirm that this was Swisscom’s decision and any feedback should be directed to the operator.

In the meantime, BBC Entertainment should still be available from a range of operators in Switzerland, including TVT Services, AG, KABELFERNSEHEN BODELI AG and Leucom AG.
This list is not comprehensive, and you may also like to enquire directly with local providers.

Thank you again for getting in touch.

Best wishes,

BBC Studios Channels

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SC- Fan is right.   I have friends  throughout Zurich who have BBC Entertainment still but of course they don't use Swisscom.  and they  don't pay as much as I do for my Swisscom  TV connection

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Meanwhile, Swisscom has replaced BBC Entertainment with three crap channels - 5 USA which endlessly replays the same 4 US second rate crime series, SPIKE which replays similarly dull and stupid programming and an strange version of PBS which has commercials - since when does PBS have commercials? It is the only US broadcaster to not have commercials!  How about quality channels and stop fobbing off junk at us English users?

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