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blue TV software update: Pay-per-view My Sports Events and Netflix without the flicker

Community Manager
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Dear Community,


The blue TV software is being updated in the coming days and will bring a number of improvements. The update only affects the Swisscom Box for the time being (software version 6.129.5). We will also implement the software update for the TV-Box (UHD)  in the coming months, but we cannot promise an exact date yet (software version 3.129.5).


Pay-per-view MySports events

MySports is now also available as pay per view (PPV). This means that you can buy and watch individual ice hockey games from the Swiss or National League, for example. What’s more, it is now even easier to access MySports: now listed on a separate bar, offerings can be found in all appropriate locations on blue TV.


No more image flicker on Netflix

Have you ever been irritated by a flickering or frozen Netflix video? Thanks to a new setting, the flicker can be fixed to allow you to continue watching series and movies on the Netflix app without issue. The setting adjusts videos in the US 24p format to the European network frequency of 50Hz. To enable automatic adjustment of the refresh rate, go to the Video and Audio settings on your TV box and activate ‘Image quality for apps’. Once selected, your TV screen will briefly go black, after which you’ll enjoy your favourite shows without image flicker. This new setting is currently only available for the Swisscom Box. However, we are also working on implementing the function for the UHD-Box in one of the upcoming updates.


Pay for Amazon Prime Video with Swisscom Pay

As of 11 December, you can pay for your movies and series on Amazon Prime with Swisscom Pay. There’s no need for a credit card or PayPal; your phone is enough. You will be charged on your next Swisscom bill.


There have also been some minor optimisations to the blue TV software and the blue TV app. What improvements have you noticed? Please share your experience. With your feedback, we can keep improving blue TV for the future.


Best regards,


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