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The new “blue Play” and other TV updates (Oct. 21)

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Dear Community,


An update will be gradually rolled out on Swisscom blue TV over the coming weeks.

Swisscom Box 21 – 8.156.x

Swisscom Box – 6.156.x

TV-Box (UHD) – 3.156.x

TV app – 2021.41.x


Thousands of films and TV programmes with blue Play

Your Swisscom blue TV M, L and X subscriptions now include blue Play. Whether you want premium series, Swiss films, children’s programmes, exclusive TV hits or international classics, the new blue Play video library lets you enjoy favourites from well-known media libraries free of charge and without adverts or geo-blocking.


You can also access Play Suisse, SRG’s new streaming platform, via blue Play. Popular series, films and documentaries from all Swiss language regions open conveniently in the Play Suisse app after you log in the first time. How to create your free Play Suisse login


Highlights from blue sporting events

Another boost for all football fans: now you can re-watch all the goals or missed penalty kicks from blue sporting events with just one click. Jumping between the start of the match or the live action is also easy with the new playmarks highlight.




TV and Smart Home

The TV update has something new for Smart Home fans too: you can now switch the TV-Box on and off using the Swisscom Home app. You can also assign Smart Home scenarios to the coloured buttons on your remote control, letting you dim the lights with the remote control, for example.


What do you think of these developments? Any questions or suggestions? We look forward to your comments.


Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
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Small addition: The playmarks will be available for inOne TV S and Vivo TV Light customers and for Premier League matches from around mid-November 2021.
Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
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"Blue play" is indeed a good "invention". Thanks a lot for it. It should also be mentioned that although there are only shown the languages "Deutsch, Français, Italiano", in the Blue Play main menu, most of the series and films produced in the US or the UK or other english-speaking countries contain a second sound track, so that these productions can also be watched in English. It is just for information, but possibly it could also be added some content from British or Irish providers? I'd appreciate it 😉.

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