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I have 3 tvboxes that were working fine perctly until yesterday and today does not work.


there is an error on the screen that says " YOUR WLNA WAS UNFORTUANTELY NOT DETECTED".


I already tried everything :


- called swisscom support that was not able to solve the proble,

- reset the boxes

- if I connect via cable boxes works, but via wlan does not work.

- I tried every possible trick or suggestion from Swisscom and they say they cannot solve the problem


so my question is, what I have to do in order a technician from Swisscom come to my house to solve the problem since I am not able to use Swisscom TV in any of my 3 boxes

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by the way, internet service is fine, and telefony also. again , if I connect the tvboxes via cable works but via wlan does not work.


only 1 of the boxes is woring with wlan , but the other 2 does not work

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Hello @Stemmamuk60


According to your file I see that we sent you a new router.


Let us know if that works now.

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