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Swisscom Box 21: more compact – but no less impressive

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The next generation of Swisscom blue TV: we are delighted to welcome the Swisscom Box 21 (IP1800) to our range! The box will be available online or from the Swisscom Shop for CHF 119 from 24 March. > Go to Online Shop Swisscom-Box21.jpg


With Swisscom Box 21, you can do almost everything you can do with the Swisscom Box. It is more compact because there is no integrated speaker or microphone. Although you can’t address the new Box with “Hey Swisscom”, voice control is still possible using the microphone button on the remote control. 


You can find an overview of the specific differences between the two Swisscom Boxes here: 


What do you think about the new TV Box? Want to share your experience? We welcome any comments. 

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Black Mamba
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Welcome to this little news 😀


It takes up less space, is easier to use and speaks less


This new choice for a Swisscom Box can delight old or new customers 😉


Long life the Swisscom Box 21 !

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@Black Mamba I can confirm, the Box is good, earlier I had the UHD Box (IP1400). The 21 runs stable, a Voice Assistent other than via the remote control, I don't need, so this is ok. The quality of the results when using it is better and I observed, that the teletext runs faster (as oldschool user, this is an important feature for me 😃). For users of the HD box, this is a good alternative for the other existing boxes. And it consumes less energy:

Ma olaim an t-airgead is ma bhronnaim an t-or
O caide sin do'n te sin nach mbaineann sin do
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I like the new Swisscom Box. To have the choice, to have a box with or without voice control is awsome.

I bought two Swisscom Boxes for full price without subscription. Is there a way, to change the Swisscom Box for the Swisscom Box 21 - free of charge? I do not use the voice assistand and I do not plan to change that.


Black Mamba
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thanks for the contribution


> ... change the Swisscom Box for the Swisscom Box 21 - free of charge? I ... 


This exchange must be requested directly from Swisscom Hotline

Residential customers: contact us via call, chat, text | Swisscom

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