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Sound very low

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After an update of my smart TV, the sound coming from any channel of the TV-Box is very low. I have to put the volume almost up to 100 to hear properly.


If I use any app from the smart TV, no issues. I connected the HDMI cable to my computer, so I could check if the cable was the problem, no issue with the cable.


I have switched the TV-box off and it didn’t solve the problem. Checked all settings and there are no changes.


it seems that the update on the TV messed up with the connection to the TV-box. Any ideas how to solve the problem? If I reset the TV-box back to factory settings, would this mess up with my subscription?


Thanks all

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@NicoC Concerning this problem the following is written in the German community (I try to translate it)


Two things have to be taken into account:

- Swisscom TV is actually one of the most quiet players on a Smart TV and this cannot be changed.


- If you pair the remote control including volume, Swisscom TV should set itself "native" to maximum volume 50 and then use the normal volume display of the TV via infrared FB control. The problem is that when switching to surround, the volume "native" goes back to 32 and then stays there.


Which is always a good idea when the volume of Swisscom TV is too low:


- Use the remote control of the TV Air App to check what the "native" Swisscom TV volume is at the moment and if it is not at maximum, push it back up to maximum on the TV Air remote control.


However, the Swisscom TV player does not pass on more volume than the maximum of the TV Air remote control to the Smart TV. What is actually still missing is an additional output control or at least a correction of the error that the volume does not always remain at "native" 50 when the Swisscom TV remote control and Audio Mode Stereo or TruVolume are linked.


I hope it helps 🙂




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