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Playback freezes

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While watching a recorded or playback program the tv freezes for a few seconds and then there is an error message saying it is unfortunately unable to continue right now. Restarting the recording and fast forwarding to where the program stopped enables the program to continue a bit further, but it soon freezes again. Rebooting the Swisscom TV usually fixes the problem for an hour or two.


It has been working fine for a few years and has just become problematical in the past few months


Any suggestions?

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Hello @hatter


I suggest you to perform a reset of your TV-Box.


If that doesn't help, call our technical support at 0800 800 800.

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A reset actually does fix the problem for a few days. Then it starts again, 

so I reset again.

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possibly the recorded content storage on your TV box is 100% used.
You can check the storage space under System Usage menu.

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Have exactly the same problem! Just spent a lot of money on new IB2 and WLAN boxes and no joy. I thought it was my old HD connection boxes but this seems to be a problem with swisscom

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We also have this problem and we are not alone with it.
The Swisscom technician recommended that we switch to the latest Siwsscom hardware and only use Swisscom hardware (WLAN access point and PLAN), which we did.
Until today 21.09.2019 the problem was not solved.

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I have the same problem as described by hatter. I have only Swisscom hardware. But looking at the list of manufacturers and the replacements of routers and tv boxes I have had over the years there is no joy.


And yes, restarting the tv box solves the playback problem - for a short while. Basically, one cannot use playback on a regular basis.

And yes, it was not a problem about a year ago.

So I have to ask myself: What is the added value Swisscom provides for the extra cost when compared to the competition?

To switch boxes on and off or replug all ethernet cables after a router update, the lack of documentation of a host of Swisscom functions across the board and the inability or unwillingness to improve the services to the standard one was used to all amounts to a mediocre overpriced service.

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