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New dark interface on Swisscom TV

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Hi I find the new dark interface very difficult to read. It's very annoying that the text gets darker when I scroll through the tv guide. Could you please provide an option to switch back to the old black on white mode? It's really bad I can barely use my tv, I will have to look for another supplier. 

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Community Manager
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Hey @Tiotievaug98 

Thank you for your post.

I'm sorry - but unfortunately there is no other option with EOS4 than the dark mode. :S



Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
Community Manager
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hi, in that case could you send me a box with the old version of the software please.

Thanks a lot!


Community Manager
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Hi @Tiotievaug98


I regret, but this is unfortunately not possible.


All the UHD TV-Box will receive automatically the new OS4 update.


The dark design fulfils the wish of the vast majority of our customers. Many of them complained about the particularly bright and dazzling design in the evening.

In addition, the images displayed are better highlighted in a dark environment.


However, I placed your feedback along and the possibility that the user could choose between the bright and the dark mode.


Have a nice weekend

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The ability for a USER to select the type of display 'Light or Dark mode' is a

common feature in properly designed contemporary applications and offers

support for the visually impaired as well as for those having a preference for

WHITE (Oh my god this is burning my eyeballs out) type screens and for others

preferring BLACK (I know the screen is here somewhere, I hear it humming).


Of course SWISSCOM can provide an option to switch the background colour

if it wants to that is. I am just surprised that SWISSCOM managed to miss that.


I'm sure that I will have a nice day.   (now where did I hear that TV screen??)


With very best regards


R. C. Williams Ph.D.

Community Manager
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Yes it's certainly strange that there's no choice, other OS let you switch. 

I could get used to the black background, the problem is really that when you scroll the program guide the white text becomes grey and unreadable because the image related to the program goes away. Just an awful user experience. So bad that I watch TV much less. 

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Hallo zusammen, der dank mode ist sehr schlecht für die Augen. Bitte stellen sie den normalen  hellen mode wieder zur Verfügung.




Community Manager
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This is very annoying. You should let your paying customers decide themselves what they prefer. This new background is awful.

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I don't know which „vast majority“ this should be - listening around among friends and family, no one really likes it and all complain SC killed the option to chose. Not user friendly...

Community Manager
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Also another issue I have is that this main home page used to let you scroll downwards quickly. And you could see all the sections on the front page so you could see where you wanted to scroll to.


Now you have to keep clicking each time through each section to get to a section near the bottom.


Small help is that you can re arrange the home screen to put the more useful sections near the top.


But this new function is a classic case of Style over Substance. Looks good, but terrible for daily use.

Community Manager
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Ich hatte die Hoffnung, dass das schwarze Design wegen der Corona Krise erstellt wurde. Daher hoffe ich, dass das helle und augenfreundlichere Design zurück kommen wird. Ästhetisch ist es nicht und dazu kommt, daß es sehr viel anstrengender für die Augen ist. Ausserdem fehlen Infos über die Beteiligten Schauspieler. Das vermisse ich.


Community Manager
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That answer, for me, is a reason to find an alternative TV option. Now that I am working from home, after

all I am saving on driving to work time. I have enough time to check out cheaper and user friendlier option. I am the paying customer, I should have a say. Unbelievable! Typical for Swisscom. While I am here, the internet speed in our location is atrocious, Neanderthal springs to mind. 

Community Manager
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It is abundantly clear that many Swisscom customers, of

which I am one, are displeased with the latest release of

the TV Box application. Some are even livid.


Of course jumping up and down or screaming from the

rooftops will achieve nothing at all if Swisscom cannot

understand its customers or doesn't know how to delight



So, let's try persuasion:

Around 240 million years ago and before I was allowed to develop software applications, I had to spend a year in

customer support. That helped me appreciate the value of

good design and what happens when a developer doesn't

do a professional job and codes grotty software instead

of developing a quality application.


Listening to the customer, documenting the requirements

implementing to formal standards, discipline, quality and

adding value in everything one does are prerequisites!


If Swisscom had their TV box application coded by a third

party company, I would suggest that they consider asking

for their money back.


If it was coded in-house they might wish to reassign the

person responsible to more suitable duties, like clearing

the yellow snow in Antarctica.


'Now where did that Stegosaurus go to?'


With very best regards.


R. C. Williams Ph.D.

Community Manager
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I am currently looking through documentaries to find something to my taste. I used to be able to just go to a genre and find documentaries there, now You have to search forever and a day and what is even more insulting, all the cookery and baking programmes are at the front. I come from a baking/ cooking family I don’t give a toot what is most popular, get the genres back up there! 

Community Manager
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En plus de la difficulté de lecture (dark), le guide des programmes de l'OS  4.0 ne fournit plus la liste des acteurs ni le réalisateur dans la description des films: du très mauvais travail, je suis fâché! Et que l'on ne nous vienne pas nous dire que ce sont les abonnés qui ont demandé un mauvais service!!!



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