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My 2 TV-Box cannot work at the same time anymore

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Before BLUE TV was launched our inOne home HDTV reception was quite OK, but now it is completely dysfunctional.


Allow me to explain:-

We have a modern  Swisscom router and two HD TV boxes (Not the ones that you can talk to and that can spy on one).

One TV box is connected via Ethernet cable and the other via Powerline. Our landline bandwidth does not exceed 100Mb

because we are still connected through copper twisted pairs and not fibre optics. Here in Schaffhausen we have only just

moved from steam to electric driven trains, so it may take a while before our WAN bandwidth improves. Although that

has not been an issue or a restriction at this location, thus far.


A couple of days ago I noticed a change in the operating behaviour of Swisscom TV,  I could not start the main HDTV box

because the other HDTV box was in use, NOW that was a new and unwelcome restriction! On reviewing the Audio/Visual

settings menu I discovered that both HD TV boxes could only work concurrently if they were set to SD resolution. The

options being 1xHD or 2xSD.


As if that was not enough anger and disappointment for one day, the following day a second and even more annoying

side-effect surfaced:- When turning on a HDTV box while the other box was in operation, a message appeared saying

that the programme could not be watched because the TV box was set to SD and that the programme could only be

watched in HD mode. Turning OFF the other HDTV box was the only way to clear that fault.



As part of the inOne home service Swisscom entered into a contract to supply us with HDTV across two HDTV boxes.

A service for which we pay regularly and handsomely and which up until the arrival of BLUE TV worked without any major

issues. Now the whole bloody thing doesn't work at all! What are you people doing?


I would deeply appreciate it if Swisscom could possibly spare the time to fix this issue with the utmost haste and allow us

to return to our original arrangement, where we The Customer pay for the service, and where Swisscom supply the complete

service as contracted and on time.


Yours faithfully


Richard C. Williams PhD





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Hello @Richard.C.Williams


I am sorry to learn you are experiencing issues with your TV-Box lately and cannot use them both at the same time.


I checked the matter with a specialist. For some reason, it happens that our system automatically downgrade the speed of your line to guarantee the quality of the connection. 


My colleague was able to upgrade the Internet speed in order for you to use your 2 TV-Box but noticed that the stability of your line is not optimal.

He created a trouble ticket in order for us to investigate further.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.



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