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Audio streaming between TV Box and blue tooth devices

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Hello. I have a TV Box connected to a Samsung flatscreen TV.

I have been using a set of Sennheiser wireless headphones (FM carrier), and we want to switch to bluetooth devices (headphones, airpods, etc.).


My wireless headphone dock was connected to the headphone output on my Samsung TV.  This operates fine - the audio signal is clear and bright.

If I connect the Sennheiser directly to the TV Box, the audio signal is also clear and bright.


So, I went and purchased a bluetooth headset, along with the recommended bluetooth transmitter (Hama Bluetooth Twin), and plugged the transmitter into my TV headphone outlet.  The audio stream was full of static, and frequently cut off.


I thought I had purchased some bum material, but before returning it to the retailer, I decided to test it further :


> BT headset connected directly to iPad or iPhone with onboard BlueTooth: perfect audio.

> BT headset connected to iPad via the Hama transmitter (iPad onboard BT turned off, Hama connected to iPad jack audio outlet, Headset to Hama via BT) : perfect audio.


So, my Hama transmitter and BlueTooth headphones are working just fine.


Back to my TV setup, I connected the Hama transmitter directly to the TV Box audio outlet, and the headphones threw out the same static and intermittent signal as via my Samsung TV output.

This makes sense since my TV is just relaying the signal which it receives from the TV Box, and that signal is obviously not compatible with my Hama Bluetooth Twin.


My questions :

How can I get my TV Box audio signal into my bluetooth headphones, with the same quality that I currently have with the Sennheiser wireless FM headphones?

Is it a question of codecs - ie, do I need a different BT relay? or maybe different headphones?

How can I find out which Blue Tooth headphones will be compatible with the TV Box signal?

Does Swisscom recommend some other BlueTooth compenents, which are already tested and compatible with the TV Box?


Many thanks in advance for any clarifications/suggestions which you might send my way.


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Hello @Pemaure18


Sorry you received no answer.


I checked with some TV experts. Unfortunately, no one is familiar with the Hama supplies.


Let us know if you managed to make it work, that could help other users.




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