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Apple TV 4K available soon from Swisscom

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Dear Community


To ensure that its offering remains aligned to the needs of its customers, Swisscom will be launching Apple TV 4K on 23 May 2022, as an alternative to the Swisscom Box. Apple fans will then be able to access their blue TV subscription (including TV Air Free) on Apple TV 4K via the blue TV app. From 23 May, only the Swisscom Box 21 and Apple TV 4K will be available.




A new Swisscom remote control for Apple TV will also be available to use with Apple TV 4K. This has been specially developed for watching TV with Apple TV 4K and is very easy to use.




You can find out more about installing and using Apple TV 4K on our help pages from 23 May.


Do you use Apple TV? Or are you thinking of switching to Apple TV 4K?

We look forward to your comments. 😊

liebe Grüsse, bien cordialement, cari saluti, best regards
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