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(where is the) Blue App on a Samsung TV?

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I have a Samsung TV, but the Blue App does not show up on it (smart-hub).


The TV (software) is up-to-date, but it's App list generally seems quite small / limited, and searching for "blue" or "swisscom" doesn't give any results.

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@JM257 There could be several reasons, e.g, the age, but if the TV is not older than 3 years (2018) there shouldn't be any problem, if you are in the Swiss App store. This you should check.  In the german-speaking forum, it was already stated, that you can't find the App for example in the German App store, I suppose it is the same in other App stores (french, italian, british,...)


Here is a way how to change to country of the App store for Samsung TVs



Press the Smart Hub button on the remote control



When Smart Hub has loaded then press », 2, 8, 9, « (fast forward, 2, 8, 9, rewind). Please note that the new F-series Samsung TVs have a different way of changing the app store. Please take a look at our other tutorial here. If you have a H-series check this tutorial.



Under Internet service location, select the country you wish to use. Selecting either USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark will give you access to the most popular apps. You can only have apps from one region installed at any given time. In other words, you can’t have American and British apps installed at the same time.



Once you have selected the country you wish to use press Next



Agree to Terms



Update of Smart Hub will start



Default apps for the region will be installed and old apps deleted


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@JM257 Did you find the App on your Samsung TV finally? A feeback could also help others with similar problems. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Gaeilgeoir 


Apologies for not replying sooner.


The short answer is: my 4 year old TV is deemed "too old", and Samsung don't support / make the App for it.


Whether your opinion is that a 4 year old TV is "too old" is another thing entirely... 🙄

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@JM257 Thank you for your feedback. That's what I feared when I wrote above, „not older than 3 years“. I also think that a 4-year-old TV is not really old. Unfortunately, Blue TV is not available on Android sticks. A workaround here would be an Apple TV box on which the app is available. It‘s a pity 🥴. 

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Hello (again) @Gaeilgeoir 


I'm not sure where to post the following more technical question:


I have the Blue App working on a different TV in my house and this TV has a channel (in the UPC TV Guide) for RMC Sports.


When you go to this (RMC Sports) channel it lists it as being "unsubscribed", but *does* give you the option of subscribing to it.


So, when you try to subscribe to it, it tells you to "open Blue to create a subscription"...

But then it just opens the Blue App, and there is no option to add my (already subscribed) Blue Sports.


It's a bit complicated... but in a nutshell, as I am already subscribed to Blue Sports... why doesn't the RMS Sports channel recognise this and work in the normal TV channel list... and *how* do I get that to work...?


Because to be honest: having to navigate into the Blue App, and then to sports, and then to find a specific football game... is a total pain...

It takes 60 seconds to go thru all that, and of course if I flip to a different channel for a couple of minutes, I lose all the above, and have to re-open the Blue App and navigate thru all the levels back to the football game.


It's such a terrible UI / UX experience...

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@JM257 Unfortunately I do not have a Blue Sports package, so I can't help, here. @LeylaG could you help?

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Hello @JM257  and @Gaeilgeoir


I would say it is an issue of login. Try to go in the settings of the Blue app on your second TV and disconnect the session.

Then make sure to enter the correct Swisscom login, the one related to your Swisscom TV subscription.


Let us know the result.


Have a nice afternoon




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Hello @LeylaG & @Gaeilgeoir 


OK, I have tried that, but unfortunately it makes no difference.


I notice that when I am in the (Blue App) TV Guide there is only the Blue Sports channels (& Motorvision), the RMC Sports channels aren't listed there.


Also, kind of both connected & not connected to all this: when I open the Blue App it starts on pages showing me listing for films and other stuff, and I have to navigate thru all that to actually get to my subscribed Sports.


How do I make the App start on the TV Guide? (once we get the TV Guide to also show the RMC Sports channels...)


Thanks, Jonathan.


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Hello @JM257


Thank you for your feedback Jonathan.


If this is not about the login, I don't know where the problem could lie.


Unfortunately I don't have the possibility to test as my TV is too old.

I invite you to contact our technical support and keep us up-to-date.


Have a good day



Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
A like always brings a smile 😄 Don't forget to accept helpful solutions
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Just stumbled upon this thread and maybe I can answer @JM257 question or at least point into the right direction:


Which Blue Package are you subscribing to and how did you buy them(e.g. Blue App/Website, UPC Box, Sky Sports).


I remember a discussion in the German forum around this topic. Owners of a Blue TV Box wanted to use UPCs MySports Channels directly on the Blue TV Box. 


This is only possible if subscribed directly as part of the Blue TV Subscription. 


If someone subscribed MySports trough the Sky Sports App(much cheaper) or UPC directly they can't use the Blue TV Box Channels/Guide to watch them. 


Your issue sounds like the same.


However what's a bit strange: That the Channel in your UPC Guide opens the Swisscom Blue App instead of a corresponding option in your UPC Menu. 

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Hello @Stauldoteiy82 , and thanks for replying.


I have UPC TV, and when I enquired about "the football" they told me that I have to buy the package from SwissCom and effectively UPC don't have anything to do with it...

(For instance, I don't pay UPC for the football, I get a seperate bill from SwissCom.)


To use it, I add / use the SwissCom Blue App to my UPC TV Box and access it from there.


So I wasn't expecting to have an easy / UX friendly way to access the football, until I saw that RMC Sports is actually a channel in the UPC TV package.


Then I thought well, as Netflix is a channel on UPC, and when you go to that channel it automatically starts the Netflix App... Surely going to the RMC Sports channel will automatically start the... etc...


But, no, sadly not.


I mean, I'm not daft... as you're competitors there is clearly little motivation for you to "sync up" your systems... but as a customer, the UX is rubbish...


And don't get me started on the fact that I can't add the Blue App to my (other) 4 year old Samsung TV because that is deemed "too old" and unsupported...

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@JM257 as a customer myself I agree with you. It's really sad that TV Manufacturers don't make sure their App ecosystem is backwards compatible. 


My (as it turns out not so educated) guess was that it works the same(direct bill for the competitor packages from your main provider) as when you have Swisscom. But it turns out it's not the same. 


I hope someone from Swisscom is able to reply regarding the App UX and similar stuff. 


With Blue TV and Apps it's similar: Some are implemented as channels, others not.

If there is a specific recommendation for a show or movie sometimes it opens only the main screen of the app and on other occasions it opens the app and starts the movie.


Regarding the UPC specific things: There is a community where customers help customers for UPC as well:





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