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WiFi Calling Why am I charged if I make calls over the Internet?

WiFi Calling Why am I charged if I make calls over the Internet?

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WiFi Calling (also known as WLAN calling or Voice over WiFi) enables you to make calls using the WLAN network as well as the mobile network. To use WiFi Calling you have to activate it in the Device settings. This lets you make mobile calls using WLAN Internet access if a building has poor mobile phone reception, for example. But why aren’t these calls free, like WhatsApp or Skype?


If WiFi Calling is enabled, mobile reception is poor, and the mobile phone is using a good WLAN internet connection in Switzerland, then you can make or receive calls via WLAN, just as you can with the mobile network. WiFi Calling lets you call any phone number in Switzerland or abroad. Calls between users are always connected and established by Swisscom. By contrast, in the case of WhatsApp and Skype, free calls are only possible within the OTT community in question. OTT stands for over-the-top content, which is the online transmission of video and audio content without the involvement of an Internet provider.


Requirements for Advanced Calling

  • Mobile subscription: All inOne mobile and NATEL® infinity subscriptions
  • A latest-generation 4G/LTE-enabled device and the device manufacturer’s software update.


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