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Why Swisscom is exchanging old SIM cards

Why Swisscom is exchanging old SIM cards

Swisscom is sending out more than 1 million latest generation SIM cards to existing residential customers. What is the reason behind the exchange?


Swisscom aims to promote the use of Mobile ID by proactively sending out 1 million SIM cards. The Mobile ID-compatible SIM card offers you a very simple, easy and secure solution for logging into banks or shops online. So you no longer need to remember lots of passwords to log into different platforms – as long as they supports Mobile ID. The only device you need is your smartphone.


Who will receive a new SIM card?

In the first phase, Swisscom is contacting residential customers, who are deemed more digitally aware. It will then be rolled out further. If Swisscom has not contacted you about exchanging your SIM card, and you would like to use Mobile ID, you can order a new SIM card for free via the Mobile ID website.


Do the old SIM cards still work?

Yes, no-one is obliged to exchange their SIM card. You can still continue to use your old card, but new services like Mobile ID will not work in this case.


How secure is Mobile ID?

Mobile ID meets the highest safety requirements for two-factor authentication, and is therefore more secure than many bank logins in use today. Access authorisation is checked by both the smartphone and an individual PIN on the new SIM card.


Click here for more information on Mobile ID.

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for my professional mobile, I have received this morning a new telephone and a new SIM card, but with the old phone number. I have followed the procedure and activated the new SIM. 

Now, the new SIM in the new phone does not allow me to make phone calls, while the old SIM in the old phone still works.

Is it just a matter of time until the switch from the old to the new SIM takes place? How long this could be? Or should I performe further steps to enable phoning on the new telephone?