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The eSIM will replace conventional SIM cards

The eSIM will replace conventional SIM cards



Swisscom is one of the first service providers in the world to support the integrated SIM. Read on to find out the eSIM’s capabilities and advantages.

It’s only the size of a fingernail and yet, these days, nothing works on your mobile without it: the SIM card. “SIM” stands for “Subscriber Identity Module” and it is a chip card that enables users to access their carrier, such as Swisscom. In actual terms, Swisscom uploads the customer’s profile, such as subscription information, telephone number, etc. to the SIM card. This card is then inserted into the mobile as a mini, micro or nano SIM card. Up to now.


The “embedded” SIM

The conventional SIM card will soon be a thing of the past. Technology now makes it possible to upload the customer profile to the SIM retrospectively, removing the need for an external SIM card. Instead, the SIM is integrated directly into the device as an “eSIM”, where “e” stands for “embedded”. The network operator uploads the profile direct to the eSIM, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards to be swapped over when customers change providers. Ordering, modifying or replacing a SIM card, and the fear of damaging it, will soon be relegated to the past.



Even the tiniest of devices can communicate

The new eSIM enables small devices, such as smart watches, glasses or activity trackers, to operate in the network, making these devices independent and allowing them to communicate without a smartphone. The Apple Watch Series, for instance, is already doing this now. It has many of the same functions as the iPhone, such as making phone calls or receive messages. In fact, it can do anything that the small display allows. This makes it very useful when playing sport, for instance, as you can leave your smartphone at home and can still be contacted. 


New devices with Dual SIM

Thanks to the eSIM you can now use for example the latest generation iPhone with dual SIM. This means that you can use your device with two different phone numbers.

How to use two phone numbers with your device.

How to activate your eSIM.



eSIM as a key to the Internet of Things


Millions of machines and everyday objects are already fitted with sensors and radio chips. In the future, this number will reach into the billions. These devices can communicate with each other and with the Internet: carparks report the number of spaces occupied and letter boxes send a message once a parcel arrives. The eSIM ensures that these objects are always connected through the mobile network. It is the key to the Internet of Things.


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Level 1

Good article, very clear on the big changes ahead.


Still, this paragraph would need some clarification:


An eSIM for smartphones will come on-stream later


Smartphone SIM cards are not set to be replaced imminently. For the time being the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR will not support eSIM in Switzerland. So for now, the heart of your phone will still be a conventional SIM.


Is there a timeframe for this feature to become available?


I see a great use for this feature, allowing the main contract with Swisscom to be on the eSIM, and the external would be used for a second provider when travelling abroad, without the need to swap SIM cards (and thus losing the capability of receiving calls) or worse having two phones (which is what I am doing currently).


I am keen to order the iPhone XS, but I would love to be able to make the most of the device, especially since it’s much larger than my current iPhone SE+iPhone 5S combo.


Many thanks, Luca

Level 1

Hello Luca


There are only a few providers worldwide where the eSIM and Dual SIM functionality is activated. There is no provider in Switzerland. Swisscom is technically ready to use eSIM. We see eSIM as a positive development for the mobile communications market. Unfortunately, we don't know when Apple will implement eSIM-Technology for Switzerland. 


Best wishes, Miriam

Level 1

Thanks Miriam,


Hopefully this will be implemented sometimes in the near future also for Swisscom mobile customers.


Many thanks,



Level 1

By the way, for what concerns Apple’s eSIM support and the different mobile providers in the world, this page shows which providers currently support eSIM on the new iPhone Xs/Xs Max, and clearly Swisscom is not listed there yet, unfortunately:


Another very useful page, which describes in great details how the dual SIM operations work on iPhone’s iOS is this:


Bye, Luca

Level 1

I'm looking to upgrade my iphone and run a UK and Swiss phone number on the same phone.

I popped into the Apple shop (Sept 20th) in Geneva, and they suggested that the Iphone XS Max would work with either Swisscom or Sunrise. There was certainly some discussion in the shop as to whether this was true, but the Apple experts said Swisscom are ready? Were they right? This chain seems to suggest not?

The following looks like Sunrise are more ready than Swisscom?





Level 1

This article mentions eSIM support as something coming out only in iOS 12.1, which is currently in beta.

Maybe the Swiss operators will need to have this version of iOS installed in order to enroll the customer data into the eSIM. Hard to tell from outside.


Reading the article, it looks in fact like there are different ways to add the eSIM subscription data to the iPhone, and maybe that is what is preventing the use of eSIM in Switzerland at this time.




Level 1
So, iOS 12.1 is out... any news on when Swisscom will be ready for eSIM? I just ordered my iPhone Xr...
Level 1
Level 1

Yes.. would be nice to know from what date on it will be possible to use the service.

Level 1

Any news on eSIM release date...? 

Level 1

I can't wait either...

It seems very hard to get reliable information...

What I heard most often is, that Swisscom is ready and the ball is in Apple's court...

Level 1
Level 1

Annoying is, that before iOS 12.1 they said swisscom waits for apple.. now 12.1 is here and what? Nothing.. as GeenMan says you get NO information from Swisscom.. but should be in their interest to setup the service.. as Telekom in Germany.. and also no possibility to send an SMS to the Swisscom customer that they know exaclty which phone he has... not really customer friendly...

Level 1



Thank you for your interest for the eSIM. We understand this is a much awaited option.


Apple has not released the eSIM function for Switzerland yet. We are technically ready and expect to be able to offer eSIM to our customers soon. 

Further information will follow as soon as available.


Thank you for your patience.

Level 1
Level 1

That's weird, the Apple support told me that they're ready and it's up to my carrier to support eSIM so I should check with Swisscom

Also the Swisscom Multi-Device page is confusing as it mentions that you're able to activate a Tablet/Mobile eSIM but during the order process you just get the error "No eSIM Profile available".

Level 1
Level 1

cool comunity leaders.. seems that eSIM is lost in the Swisscom universe... How can be that's not possible to give a Date when the service will be available or not.

A funny story by the way.. when i bought the new XS mobile, the swisscom staff in the shop told me after my question how many customers they already configured eSIM on the telephone with already many?!? that was mid October ....

Level 1

Merci sunriseMerci sunrise





Je ne comprends pas les gens qui restent chez swisscom... Faudra qu'on m'explique... 😀