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Spoofing: Be wary of unexpected calls

Spoofing: Be wary of unexpected calls


Imagine, your mobile rings and a familiar number, such as the Swisscom hotline, appears on your screen. You accept the call in good faith. However, it is not a Swisscom employee on the other end of the line, but a fraudster. He wants you to make a transfer to "Swisscom". Read on to discover how this can happen and how you should respond.


With the ‘spoofing’ scam, a caller manipulates the technology to make a familiar number appear on your phone screen. This type of scam is very much like phishing, which has long been known to the IT sector. The faked, but authentic looking identity can give the victims a false sense of security and fool them into disclosing sensitive data.


What should you do in this situation?

  • Always be wary and suspicious if you are ever asked to give out sensitive information. Even if the caller says the information is required for identification purposes.
  • Tell the caller that you’ll call them back. Then, instead of simply hitting callback, you should input the official number. You will find this on a statement or on the website. Ask if they have just tried to call you.
  • Hang up if you feel pressured by the caller. This is not rude, but is for your protection.

What is Swisscom doing about this?

Since scammers are constantly finding new approaches, it is difficult to prevent spoofing altogether. What’s more, the fake numbers do not usually originate from the Swisscom network, but reach Switzerland through foreign or foreign networks. This makes it difficult to prevent using technical means. Swisscom regularly reviews its technical options and implements them wherever possible.


How to protect yourself

Activate Callfilter

Activate the free Swisscom Callfilter in the Customer Center or via the Swisscom Cockpit. This blocks the bulk of unsolicited advertising and anonymous calls based on a list that is constantly being updated.


Change your telephone number

If you feel that you are still receiving excessive nuisance calls, it is worth changing your phone number at no cost to you. Simply contact Swisscom if you would like to do this.

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