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Several telephone numbers with the Rousseau base station

Several telephone numbers with the Rousseau base station

If you have various telephone numbers and phones, you probably don’t want them all to ring at the same time. The basic concept is that telephone number A is assigned to phone A, and telephone number B is assigned to phone B. This means that the only phone to ring will be the one whose number has been dialled by the caller. You need to assign the numbers in the web portal. However, with Rousseau base stations, they need to be configured on the device itself. This configuration is explained here.


For most telephones, you simply need to define which telephone should ring with which number in the web portal, (see description below). However, this is not the case if you are using a Rousseau base station. You have probably registered a Rousseau handset or a Nyon HD phone on the Rousseau base station. You need to enter the phone number that is supposed to make the phone ring into the device itself.

The procedure for configuring this setting on the handset of a Nyon HD phone and Rousseau is as follows:

  1. Menu
  2. Settings > OK
  3. Line settings > OK
  4. Incoming/outgoing line > OK

For all other devices

With other telephones, simply configure the following setting:

Go to the web portal by entering http://internetbox or in the Internet browser, and log in. You can then specify the telephone that should ring for each number under Telephony> Settings. Please note that you can only access the web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.


If you also wish to select a specific ringtone for a device, this needs to be configured on the device itself, Under Menu > Settings > Ringtone.

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