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Operating system updates on mobile devices

Operating system updates on mobile devices

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When are operating system updates, such as iOS11 or Oreo, available for smartphones bought from Swisscom?


Device manufacturers decide when their software will be distributed in different countries. Swisscom receives new software as soon as it is released in Switzerland. Swisscom ensures that its services, such as Advanced Calling, HD Voice, PWLAN, Swisscom TV, Bluewin mail or national emergency numbers, are working before forwarding software updates to customer devices. Once this has been done, the updates will be available on devices bought from Swisscom. This process usually takes one to two weeks. The timings and delays determined by the device manufacturers are out of Swisscom’s control.


More information from the device manufacturer

Swisscom has good relationships with the various smartphone manufacturers and is therefore in regular contact with them, but the decision about the availability of specific versions to download resides with the manufacturer. For the most up-to-date information about operating systems and updates, contact the device manufacturer directly. Alternatively, have a look at blogs and forums. On most mobiles, you can also check the settings to find out whether the latest software version has been installed.


Overview of mobile phone operating systems (Links only in german)






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