How to recharge your smartphone battery

How to recharge your smartphone battery

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How to recharge your smartphone battery

Does it make sense to charge your phone overnight? Should your phone's battery be completely discharged before you recharge it? We give the most important answers.


Larger displays, new sensors, more powerful processors and constant connections: Our smartphone always demands more from its battery. Therefore, it is important to take care of the small energy supplier in your mobile phone. Today's batteries are based on lithium-ion technology. If possible, these batteries should not be completely discharged. Discharging until the battery is switched off (also known as "deep charging") puts a strain on the electrodes of the lithium-ion battery and leads to a significantly shorter battery life. Experts therefore recommend to keep the battery continuously in the range of 30% to 80%.


It’s better not to charge overnight


It's an evening ritual like brushing your teeth: Before going to bed, you plug your phone in and charge it overnight. However, this will damage your battery. Charging a smartphone battery normally doesn’t take all night but only 1-2 hours. What happens if you keep your phone plugged in for more than two hours? When the phone is fully charged, the battery stops charging. If the battery state then falls back to a certain value, the charging electronics becomes active again and starts a trickle charge, i.e. a "mini charging cycle". If the smartphone remains connected to the mains all night, these mini cycles occur several times a night and results in the deterioration of battery performance in the long term.


With these 5 rules you save your battery:


Rule 1:  Do not completely discharge or charge the battery, whether your phone is new or not.

Rule 2: Always try to keep your battery between 30% and 80%, even if it takes several small charging cycles.

Rule 3: Do not leave your phone plugged in 100% of the time.

Rule 4: If your phone gets hot during the charging process and has a protective cover, remove it before you continue charging.

Rule 5: Do not use inferior batteries or chargers.




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