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For better transparency in the Cockpit: name your devices

For better transparency in the Cockpit: name your devices



These days, you often need more than a smartphone to keep in touch or stay online. Multi Device allows you to be reached on several devices and connect to the Internet using the same phone number. Find out how to give your Multi Device devices their own names to allow you to improve transparency in the Cockpit.


If you type into your browser, you can view your subscription as well as the devices you have connected with Multi Device. However, it can soon become confusing if you have two identical devices, such as a Samsung watch for the office and the same model for leisure. The problem is that the Cockpit only displays the brand and model of the additional device, which makes it impossible to distinguish between two identical models. The only way to work out which device is which is with the SIM number. This is particularly difficult if you want to quickly deactivate an unsuitable feature on one watch but not on the other.

You can now individually name your devices and easily distinguish them from each other.


It couldn't be simpler:

  1. Enter the following address in the browser:
  2. Log in if necessary
  3. Click “Devices”
  4. Select the additional device that you’d like to name
  5. Name the selected device

The new name will now be displayed in the device overview. The device brand and model also remain visible.


And another thing: If you have an Apple Watch, it already has a name. Apple automatically assigns a name to each device. This is added to the Cockpit when mobile communication is activated. You can change this name at any time in the Cockpit, but this will not change the name on the watch itself.


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