Buy a second-hand mobile: good for the environment and for the wallet

Buy a second-hand mobile: good for the environment and for the wallet

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With its reuse initiative, Swisscom is making a valuable contribution to the circular economy. Under this initiative, it is already possible to donate an old mobile or have the value of your old smartphone credited towards a new device. Now, Swisscom is also introducing the sale of second-hand, ‘refreshed’ smartphones.


Swisscom is the first telecommunications provider in Switzerland to sell pre-used, refurbished smartphones. The used device undergoes a professional clean, the software is updated and all data is deleted, making the smartphone like new again.

Swisscom has commissioned a specialist company for this: Recommerce Swiss* has been refurbishing smartphones for more than 10 years. The company guarantees that all devices are fully functional and unlocked. It also provides a 12-month warranty and 14-day money back guarantee.


How to get your hands on a refreshed smartphone

The refurbished smartphones are the 64GB iPhone X, the 256GB iPhone X and the 64GB iPhone 6s. All are available in the colour Space Gray.

The phones can be purchased from Swisscom’s online shop and are labelled ‘refreshed’. The purchasing process is the same as for a new phone. Once you have selected your refreshed model, you can choose whether to take out a subscription and if you want to pay in instalments.

By purchasing a refreshed smartphone, you are also doing your bit for the environment: after all, every smartphone sold saves 40 kg of raw materials and 30 kg of CO2. And it’s also good news for your wallet as a refreshed smartphone costs much less than a new model.

So why not check out Swisscom’s new range of refreshed models today and let the Community know your thoughts. Questions are of course always welcome in the comments below.


Learn more about Swisscom’s sustainability projects.

*Recommerce is a registered trademark of RS (Recommerce Solutions) Switzerland

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