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A new law requires that we have a copy of your passport

A new law requires that we have a copy of your passport


A new law requires that we have a copy of your passport

Do you intend to take out a new mobile contract online? Perhaps you’ll be looking for a new contract soon to guarantee you get the latest iPhone? You can take an important step today to ensure that you get your hands on your new smartphone as quickly as possible, by uploading your ID to the Customer Center.


With the Federal Act on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (Abbr: VÜPF) a new law was passed. It requires that all mobile network operators, Swisscom included, hold a copy of new customers’ identification documents. Only the ID number was stored in the system previously but a legible copy of your Swiss ID card, Swiss passport or residence permit is now needed to activate a new contract. If you take out a new subscription online, therefore, you need to provide a copy of your ID to the Customer Center. The quickest way to do so is by clicking this link. Still no Customer Center login? Get help to set it up here.


When does Swisscom need a copy of my ID?


A copy of your identification document is needed when:

  • you take out a new contract (a new Swisscom subscription with a new number)
  • you port your number to Swisscom from another provider
  • you switch from Prepaid to a Swisscom subscription

Currently, we do not need a copy of your ID when you extend your contract. However, we recommend that you save your ID documents now, even if you do not intend to take out a new mobile contract at the moment: if the law changes and a copy of your ID becomes necessary when extending your contract, you will have dealt with it already. It also makes other correspondence with Swisscom easier.


Scan or photograph your ID


Under “My data” in the Swisscom Customer Center, you will find the link for uploading your identification document. You can either:

  • scan your ID, save it to your computer and upload it, or
  • take a photo of it on your mobile and upload it directly to the Customer Center. To do that, click on the “Send link” button and carry out the process on your smartphone.

Ausweis raufladen_EN.jpg


You must ensure that the photo of your identification document meets the following criteria:

  • no distortion
  • no light reflection
  • not too light or too dark
  • not PDF; must be JPG or PNG picture format
  • no larger than 10 MB

Once your identification document has been submitted, it’s easy to place orders and take out contracts through We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience. 😉 


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